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Measure your Knot before tying the Knot

Bows and ribbons add an elegant final touch when it comes to wedding invitations, but they are not all created equal. Some knots can be downright expensive.

What makes postage higher?

Invitations are expensive; even if you do them yourself the cost of paper and printing can really add up. But what many people don't think about is the cost of actually mailing them. An invitation with all the bells and whistles costs more than a two-piece invitation obviously. Maps, accommodation cards and all the extras begin to add weight to your invitation. More weight means more postage, but not usually much more, so I rarely mention it to brides. Besides, you want people to know where your block of hotel rooms are and their meal options, right? Having a square envelope also can cost more, but not much more. What really can make an invitation cost more is the knot in your bow. I know it's a weird thing to think about, but the post office has its rules.

How Big is your knot?

There is a tiny little slot they will try to fit your envelope in (not all but most post offices do this). It is to check two things, size and width. Here is where your ribbon can be an issue. If your bow has a big knot in it and creates a medium size bump in your envelope, it can be considered a package. Now if you have ever mailed a package vs. an envelope you know exactly how expensive this can be. This is easily prevented by simply having a smaller knot and measuring it. How big is too big? About ¼ inch.


1. Sheer ribbon lays flatter than satin.

2. Single knot only, double knots are too big.

3. Tie a flat bow (there will be a video for this later this week).

4. Keep your bow loose, it will help it lay flat in the envelope.

In the example above ( love how this one turned out by the way) you can see there are actually two ribbons. But, and this is important....the second thin ribbon is not in the bow just goes around the invite so it doesn't add to the knot at all.

Always take one fully finished invitation to the post office and have it weighed and checked. Having the postman ask your guests for extra postage on delivery is an avoidable wedding blunder.

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